👋Welcome to Trilium Quest

Mine or fight your way to the top.

A brief introduction to Trilium Quest

Get ready to embark on an extraordinary adventure in an unconventional 2D top-down dungeon crawler, set in the mesmerizing landscapes of alien planets. Engage in a thrilling quest across vast maps, as you seek out coveted TLM crystals and uncover an array of valuable and exhilarating items.

Unveil hidden dungeons strewn throughout the planets, but remain cautious of the formidable creatures and formidable bosses that inhabit these lands and treacherous dungeons—ready to strike at any moment. Your fighting prowess will be put to the test.

Furthermore, delve into sub-games that lie at the core of each planet, offering even more captivating experiences. This game has been meticulously crafted to continuously evolve and expand, adapting seamlessly to incorporate user input and suggestions.

Mine, fight, trade, build, research tech and discover tokens.

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