The key to trilium quest is an agile road map and will consist of six phases which are currently estimated to take 14, 2- week sprints to complete.
Granular detail will be planned, presented, and executed only after the predecessor sprint has been completed. Limiting risk and cost to the planet.
Product owners ( the planet members) will control priority of features and execution of burndown per sprint.
The Devs will present a written report to product owner following every two-week sprint explaining progress, delays, and suggested features for the next sprint burndown.
Product owners will be given 24 hours to make suggestions, critique or reprioritize features before the Arch team begins their next sprint.
Phase I- Infrastructure (2 sprints est.) Cost 100,000 TLM per sprint Completed
Build out of game layout and parameters
Sprint 1 (2 weeks)
• Server needs to receive web socket connections
• Server able to spawn players on clients acct
• Client able to connect with server
• Tile Map Creation
Phase II- Level Design, Artwork (2 sprint est.)
• Build out of game story, basic design work
Phase III- System Design (3 sprint est.)
• Creation of characters, interactions, backend development
Phase IV- Integration (2 sprint est.)
• Connection of all infrastructure, artwork, backend to testnet
Phase V- Testing/Rework (4 sprint est.)
• Full test of system and levels, bug fixes
Phase VI- MVP handoff delivery to customer (1 sprint)
• Set up of MVP on client server and showcase explanation to customer investors.
IV. Initial Demo Link - uses wax testnet
V. Estimated time to completion
14- 2wk sprints est.
VI. Budget
$1,500 per week until completion. With options to go beyond initial concept.
VII. Team
Loadmastersrock - Founder ( We will include all planet council as Managers )
Ami Spiro - Project manager, [email protected]
Matt Grigajtis – Technical Advisor, [email protected]
Satyam Khadka - Developer, [email protected]
Aleks Bologna – Contract Manager, [email protected]